KCM Stationery

KCM is the largest representative of Russian and European building ceramics factories. For 25 years the company has been selling its products to private consumers and large development companies. 
The market of building materials has changed and now the architect is the decision maker when choosing a brick. We therefore developed a visual identity and showroom that would be convenient, comfortable and aesthetically close to this target group. The new identity is a flexible system built on typography. The abbreviation KCM is deciphered in different ways, depending on the need. 
It is possible to use one word or several, which are built up in semantic geometric constructions reminiscent of masonry. 
The flexible modular structure becomes the invisible basis for the entire visual style.

Project elements:

  • Brand identity
  • Stationery design
  • Print design
  • Original typeface design

Creative Director:

  • Vlad Ermolaev


  • Vlad Ermolaev
  • Olga Rodina

Typeface designer:

  • Oleg Macujev