BAUM is an innovative technology for panel houses by the building construction company PZSP. We took the rectangle module from PZSP company’s old logo to evolve it and use it as the basis for the new BAUM logo. The resulting 3:4 matrix gives us a multiplicity of different letterforms that resemble building structures. The entire new identity is to show the variety in house construction through the modular typeface.

BAUM — Basic Architectural Universal Module.

Project elements:

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Brand identity
  • Original typeface design
  • Logotype
  • Print design


  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2024
  • Award360 2023
  • Communication Arts 2023

Creative Director:

  • Vlad Ermolaev


  • Vlad Ermolaev
  • Olga Rodina

Typeface designer:

  • Vlad Ermolaev
  • Anton Terekhov
  • Oleg Macujev