Effective Capital

Effective Capital is an investment boutique which specializes in customized investment solutions.

Effective Capital came to us with a request to develop a visual identity and correct the existing logo which had been designed by the Client himself and contained a lot of mathematical symbols such as sigma, the infinity sign, etc. In this way the Client wanted to emphasize the meaning of the name ‘Effective Capital’.

We suggested demonstrating the financial subject not so distinctly and developed a simple logo in some letters of which we showed the financial scales. Our goal was to create a unique identity completely different from the existing conservative image of financial institutions in Russia. While working at this project we used real financial charts and diagrams for inspiration and they became the basis of various and unique patterns. As a business card is one of the most important communication elements for our client so we chose letterpress printing method which through unusual tactile perceptions gives the idea of the individual approach and the exclusivity of services.

Project elements:

  • Corporate identity
  • Stationery design


  • Vlad Ermolaev


  • Victoria Ermolaeva