Osteo Poly Clinic - leaflets

Osteo Poly Clinic is a clinic specialising in osteopathic medicine. It was important to explain what is osteopathy and how it works. Doctors use their five fingers to treat people, five main points in the name of the company form the perfect circle. The circle is a symbol of a human being in perfect condition. Broken circle shows that there are some problems with health, its compositions stand for different problems with human body. The most distorted circles define the worst diseases. When the elements get back to the perfect circle, it means recovery. All identity elements work in connection with logo. If part of circle moves to the left, all the elements also move to the left. And if the part of the circle is moved to the right, some part of layout also move to the right. Just like in a human body, a change of one element results in a change in other parts of the system. The identity works on all media: from stationery and print materials to doctors uniform and interior of the clinic that was made in collaboration with Berlin based artist Asako Tokitsu. From definite points of view of the interior you can see the full compositions that define the perfect condition of a human.

Project elements:

  • Print design


Creative Director:

  • Vlad Ermolaev


  • Olia Rodina