Borealis Calendar

Borealis (from Latin: northern, cold) is a brand identity project for wild deep-sea fish. Borealis is a retail brand from Norebo – a leading fishing company in Russia, that owns a trawl fleet and does fishing in the northern seas.

For almost three years we have been working on this identity. It is a very large scale project, which includes various tasks of different level of complexity. During the project lifetime a great vast of material was created, that we are very happy with and we wanted to share this results with a client in a form of a tear-off calendar which consists of 365 pages. On each page, every day, you can see a new image that opens up the brand narrative, shows the company, the Northern nature where they catch wild fish, the elements of corporate identity and all the products created within the project: the packaging, the worker uniform, etc. In such a way it is possible to get to know the brand from different perspectives and be surprised by a new image every day of the year.

Project elements:

  • Editorial design
  • Photography
  • Experimental graphics


Creative Director:

  • Vlad Ermolaev


  • Olga Rodina